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Internet Movie Database

The Onion

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews

Blue Ribbon Campaign--Stop Internet Censorship!

Michael Moore's Official Site

The Kevin Smith & View Askew Site.  Has a great message board!

Miniver Cheevy's 1000 Watt Television Paradise--A fun (and funny) site.

Man Without Ties-simply the best Paul Westerberg site in existence.

  Books, Authors, & Creative Writing Resources

Zoetrope All-Story Magazine A literary magazine featuring short stories exclusively.
Oxford American Magazine This magazine features the best of Southern creative writing.
Book Magazine The ultimate resource for new book releases.
Jonathan Franzen Very few modern authors make much of an impression on me; Franzen is one of this group.
Nicholas Sparks Official Site of the world's finest writer of realistic romanticism (in my opinion anyway).
Stephen King The Official Site; has a entire section devoted to the Dark Tower series.

Directors, Actors & Films THE place to go for all things Ewan McGregor.
Film Threat An excellent site for film info.

Politics & Current Affairs A little something for those of you who would like to be more involved in the world, but don't know where to begin.
Ralph Nader His official website.
Public Citizen The website of the organization promoting consumer safety founded by Ralph Nader.


Pink Floyd One of many excellent Floyd sites; this one is my favorite.
Wilco The Official Site.
Lost Highway Records Home of the Jayhawks. Need I say more?
Trampoline Records Features artists such as Pete Droge, Phil Cody, and the Minus Five.
Vagrant Records The home of Paul Westerberg & Grandpaboy in addition to many other amazing artists.
All Music Guide (AMG) Site containing info about almost any artist you'd want to learn about.


Inventing Situations Another capping site similiar to "Caption This" hosted by a capper named Gerson K. Registration If you don't already have one, you must first register a handle before you can begin capping at "Caption This!"

Official Site of The Jayhawks.

Artcyclopedia--an excellent resource for researching artists or art genres.

the commune is not intended for the faint of heart or those with no sense of humor.

LitKicks gives insight into the different forms of alternative literature.

Official Site of the Green Party of the United States.

Caption This!--a site to placate obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

Warm Milk Comics